MORE Remote lesson plans on Canvas

I created another set of lessons that you can use if you’re on Canvas! Simply add an audio/video story and a text.

Story Based Remote Learning Module

If you don’t have CANVAS here are the activities that students do in this module:

Behind the scenes: Find a story. Record video/audio, prepare a parallel story for assessment.

Step 1: Introduce key vocabulary with your favorite online tool.

Step 2: Students listen to the story and draw a picture to demonstrate understanding.

Step 3: Students listen to the story again and answer true/false questions

Step 4: Students listen to the story and put sentences in order, I wouldn’t use the ENTIRE story so that they have to listen to the ENTIRE story.

Step 5: Students read the text, and annotate the text by highlighting/underlining the text for a given guideline (verbs, adjectives, etc.) This is to get students to read the text CLOSELY.

Step 6: Jeopardy, students write questions about key words/phrases from the story.

Step 7: Students summarize the text by copying sentences directly from the text.

Step 8: ADDjectives/ADDverbs students use their summary and add adjectives or adverbs to make the story more interesting.

Step 9: Students change the perspective a lá horizontal conjugation.

Step 10: Back At’Cha: students type a sentence they remember from the text into a discussion, but they cannot post something someone else has already posted. They should be reading everyone’s responses so that they know what has already been posted. Tricky re-reading 🙂

Step 11: Listening/Reading quiz. Students read/listen to an alternate version of the story and give a summary in English.

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