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ClipChat Pay de Calabaza (Salt)
Great for ThanksGiving or a food unit

Daily Check-In Spanish
Includes weather, time, food, clothing, weekend chat and more
Danny León: El skáter abuelo
Keywords: anda en patineta, se disfraza de/está disfrazado de
Animals handout
50 animals. Use to play a variety of games,
or to have students select animals in a
Personal Dictionary Page
Mind Games a ClipChat presentation
Key words: divertido/quiere divertirse, cerebro, está llena
High-Frequency Spanish Word Wall
This 20 page word wall has a large amount of function words for you and students to refer to.
Verb Wall
This verb wall, inspired by Terry Waltz’s Super Seven and Mike Peto’s Sweet Sixteen verbs has the present tense, and irregular present tense forms of high frequency verbs

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