Observe, Support, Grow

In my PLCs we do a lot of teacher coaching. I was trained as a coach last year at iFLT (International Forum for Language Teaching) in Denver. It was a great experience, and I’ll be going to the training again this summer when iFLT is held in Cincinnati.

Basically our set up is: One teacher, one coach, a row of chairs for ‘students'(other teachers usually) and a row of observers. Teachers teach, students are the most perfect angels that they can be and are focused on learning, and the observers watch the teacher interact with the students.

When the wild GooseChase pays off

So many ideas are running through my head! I was introduced to GooseChaseEDU by the wonderful Leslie Philips of our Indiana TCI collaboration group back in December. I thought that it looked interesting when Leslie told us about it, but I hadn’t gotten around to actually trying it in class. But, Y’all. It was so muchContinue reading “When the wild GooseChase pays off”