My top 5 Techniques from Teach Like a Champion 2.0

My top 5 strategies from Teach Like a Champion 2.0   Here are 5 of the techniques from TLAC2 that I have put into practice in my class. I’ll do another post about the techniques that I want to get better at later.   1.      Reject Self-Report Rejecting self report means that we are movingContinue reading “My top 5 Techniques from Teach Like a Champion 2.0”

Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth chapter 1 Reflection

We are doing a book study at RCS with the book “Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth”. It’s a very short, very readable book. I’m going to cross post my discussion board posts from the study’s Canvas page here to share out a bit more of what we’re doing. 1. If you knew you would haveContinue reading “Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth chapter 1 Reflection”

Ditching Textbook =/= Ditching Curriculum

Ditching the textbook does not mean that you don’t have a curriculum. It just means that you gotta know a few things ahead of time. What you gotta know before you ditch the textbook. You gotta know your standards.  Or at least be really familiar with them. Textbooks DO sometimes lay out how they relateContinue reading “Ditching Textbook =/= Ditching Curriculum”

iFLT18 Reflection pt. 2: No one is born knowing how to manage a classroom

    Within the classroom I am pretty confident in my abilities to create engaging, meaningful language experiences. However, one of the challenges that I often face within my classroom is classroom management. Personally, I think that teacher education courses often forget about classroom management. In my undergraduate program I did take a classroom management class,Continue reading “iFLT18 Reflection pt. 2: No one is born knowing how to manage a classroom”

iFLT18 Reflection pt. 1 Dr. Krashen on the Net Hypothesis

    One of the talks that I was most looking forward to was a talk from Dr. Stephen Krashen on the Net Hypothesis and “Drop-in” language classes. Dr. Krashen started his presentation by discussing an overview of some of his foundational hypotheses such as the comprehension hypothesis, and the natural order hypothesis.     Dr. KrashenContinue reading “iFLT18 Reflection pt. 1 Dr. Krashen on the Net Hypothesis”

Developing a PAT Point System

I have tried an failed over the years to incorporate a PAT(Preferred Activity Time) point system. In brief, a PAT point system awards a class with points to earn some sort of prize. I’ve tried giving points for staying in the Target Language, but that ended up being too much running back and forth withContinue reading “Developing a PAT Point System”