Circling “I” and “We” during PQA

As a department, we noticed students having trouble identifying subjects that included ‘I” with other people. So I decided I wanted to come up with something to circle the “I” and “we” subjects. I decided I’d do some picture PQA. The prompt was simple: Draw an activity that you do with other people. I had studentsContinue reading “Circling “I” and “We” during PQA”

How I use Textivate in class

EDIT: NEW with Textivate: Student passwords. Students can now save progress on sequences and continue on other devices, or at a later date.   I LOVE Textivate! Textivate is a website that allows students to manipulate texts in various ways. And it’s SO easy to use. You paste in your text, hit “textivate” and youContinue reading “How I use Textivate in class”

It’s never too late to start over.

I believe there are two main (classroom) reasons why students lose focus and start being disruptive in a CI class. 1)The input you’re (read: I am) giving is boring. And 2) the input that you’re giving is incomprehensible. This is my third year teaching, and third year using TCI/TPRS in my classroom. Every year, everyContinue reading “It’s never too late to start over.”

Class Booklets=Class Readings

I LOVE using student generated pictures to do PictureTalk. You might be able to tell that, though, from my current obsession with my PicScripts. Recently I’ve ditched my doc cam in lieu of taking pictures on my phone and airdropping them to my computer which is hooked up to my projector. It takes about 10 secondsContinue reading “Class Booklets=Class Readings”

Using pictures with a story-script

Sometimes, when we get students from non-CI teachers we have to ease the students into CI activities. That was the case with one of my classes this year. I could not, for the life of me, get student actors for stories. I couldn’t get funny suggestions, I couldn’t get anyone to do persona especial. ItContinue reading “Using pictures with a story-script”