Horizontal Conjugation in Textivate!

O.M.G.! I love using Horizontal Conjugations. I think that they are a great way to let students give a little bit of output, but is still very structured. I’ve been doing a lot of “horizontal conjugation” while doing special person interviews by asking students what the other student would say about themselves. So students have heardContinue reading “Horizontal Conjugation in Textivate!”

You’re ALL special people!

I FINALLY started doing Special Person interviews regularly. I’m doing them with Spanish 1 because as a department we agreed we want semester 1 to focus on students being able to talk about themselves. Special Person interviews are SUPER easy for that. The questions we’ve been focusing on in Spanish 1 are basically the firstContinue reading “You’re ALL special people!”

MovieTalk with “Love Recipe”

Here’s the beginning of my MovieTalk lesson with the video “Love Recipe“. I use Martina Bex’s unit plans for the video. I think I’ve used this every year that I’ve taught. I love trying to personalize the new vocabulary that comes up. I won’t necessarily assess students on the vocab introduced with the video butContinue reading “MovieTalk with “Love Recipe””

Strategy: Circling “I” during PQA

I’ve written about a few ways that I circle “I” and “we” forms in class, but I’m feeling really good about what I’ve been trying to do in class, and you can get input on ALL THE FORMS! And I’ve found that it’s been GREAT scaffolding for students to get them speaking about themselves! IfContinue reading “Strategy: Circling “I” during PQA”

Using task based language teaching with TCI/TPRS

Yay! Acronyms! TBLT, or Task Based Language Teaching is quickly becoming an obsession of mine.  At the beginning of the summer I was introduced to TBLT through the SLA course I took at MSU. I had to create a research proposal that used data from a task based activity. My proposal was about interaction withContinue reading “Using task based language teaching with TCI/TPRS”

TPRS with a textbook is really easy.

That is a bold statement, I know. This is coming from someone who had monthly common assessments. But I think this could work for even those who have weekly common assessments! The first two years when I was just a baby teacher working with CI I was department of one. I did whatever I wantedContinue reading “TPRS with a textbook is really easy.”