No-Prep Reading Game

Recently I found the website

BuzzIn is an online buzzer system, similar to a QuizBowl or Jeopardy style game system.

Students use their phone or computer to enter the game code, and then they can buzz in. The teacher screen then shows the order in which students buzzed in. If you get the premium(which IMO is pretty fairly priced, $20 for a year, or $0.99 if you only want to use it for a day) you can freeze the buzzer of students that have quick fingers and try to buzz before you ask the question.

Now, for the no-prep game.

Each student or group gets a copy of a text that we’ve been working with.

I translate a sentence to English, and students have to find the sentence in the reading.

First team to buzz in gets to answer. If they are incorrect, second buzzer gets to try to answer.

If the team is correct, I use a randomizer with numbers 0-10 and the team gets however many points the randomizer lands on (As, AnneMarie Chase says, adding that bit of luck can really up the game).

Team with the most points at the end wins.

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