My Plan B

I got a lot of inspiration from Martina Bex’s Plan B to do my own Plan B. But I also had to think about a lot to make sure that Plan B was still doing SOMETHING for students.

I gotta give it to Martina, Plan B is a LOT of work. But I think I have something that could be a fairly simple plan B *IF* you already have a story script.

I’m not sure I can necessarily share the actual document because I used one of Anne Matava’s scripts from her new book and I want to respect her hard work. So *eventually* I will come up with something that people take as is.

The gist of my plan B plan is this:

1. Have a story script already written out.
2. Give students a glossary of any new words they might encounter (or just need refresher on).
3. Write statements in English, students copy a sentence from the story that supports the statement (what up DOK).
4. The beauty of story scripts is that the body of the story pretty much repeats itself, so I went ahead and numbered the “location” paragraphs. Students choose one of the location paragraphs to translate to English.
5. Students choose a location paragraph that they did not choose for step 4 and do a horizontal conjugation (however you might do that, mine is from 3rd to 1st person).

Hopefully this will spur some ideas on what to do if you need to switch from your usual lesson plans and need your students to do some independent work while also getting some CI.

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