Ok, so I’ve been playing around with this idea of mixing the idea of Dictogloss with MovieTalk to make a “cooperative” activity.

But what’s Dictogloss?

Dictogloss is a focus on form activity that goes something like this:

1. Teacher reads a short passage, about 200 words or so, to the students at a slower than usual pace.
2. Students take (or don’t take, teacher preference) notes on what they hear.
3. Teacher reads the passage again, students can take notes again.
4. Students pair up and try to reconstruct the entire text from their notes.
5. Teacher then projects, or passes out the original text
6. Students can then compare their reconstructed text to the original text.

It does invoke explicit knowledge, BUT students are getting input as they hear the text read aloud and they are trying to process meaning in order to correctly reconstruct the text.

So how am I trying this with MovieTalk?

Well, I’m currently in the middle of a VERY long MovieTalk, it might take a few days to get through the screenshots. So what I’m trying to do is use “Dictogloss” as a review. So I go through my MovieTalk at my normal pace, but then review the screenshots relatively quickly after I feel that students are comprehending well.

After the review, I asked students to pair up, and write anything and everything they could about the part of the video that we had already gone over.

usually have a script already written out for a MovieTalk, but in using it as an exit ticket, we can review what they write at the beginning of next class after I type up what I said for the MovieTalk.

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