My classroom expectations

These are the expectations I have posted at the front of my room that I review EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It’s important for me to review them every day. It’s a procedure that students know to expect, and it reminds me to be consistent.

When writing these I tried to make them all encompassing but at the same time specific to a CI classroom. I also tried to make them sound positive, but I couldn’t think of a super bright and shiny way to say all of them. So here’s what I have posted, and the little blurb I say about each one every day.

  1. “I listen and read with the intent of understanding. I stop Sr. Langley if he speaks too fast or is unclear” If we believe we can do something we are much more likely to be able to do that thing. It is my job to make what I say in Spanish understandable to you, it is your job to pay attention. I’ll do my 50% of the job, but you have to do your 50% as well. You can tell me when I’m not doing a good job, and I’ll make sure you are doing everything you can do to do your job.
  2. I only speak when addressed as an individual, or as part of the class. I need you to remain silent so you can hear all these new words clearly, and so you can hear them enough times to get them stuck in your head. This means no side conversations, and no blurting out. When I ask a question to the class I need everyone who is able to answer to answer so I can get a feel for how strongly you all understand something.
  3. I am physically and mentally present in class, I am free from potential distractions. You look like you’re paying attention, and you are freeing yourself from anything that may be distracting. That include homework for other classes, cellphones, headphones, whatever else that may distract you from class.
  4. I respect my teachers, my pears, and our physical space. I want you to have a space that you can be proud of, so while we’re here we’re respectful, and clean, and we try to stay positive.
  5. Todo es posible en la clase de español. Everything is possible in Spanish class. How much fun we have in here is up to you. I will always try to make things enjoyable, but you have to remember that if you think a story or discussion is boring, make it exciting!

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