Class Booklets=Class Readings

LOVE using student generated pictures to do PictureTalk. You might be able to tell that, though, from my current obsession with my PicScripts.

Recently I’ve ditched my doc cam in lieu of taking pictures on my phone and airdropping them to my computer which is hooked up to my projector. It takes about 10 seconds to set up airdrop on a Mac, I’m afraid I can’t speak for PC users and an alternative to doc cams for them.

For the past couple weeks I’ve been targeting the imperfect because that’s where we are with Así Se Dice (it pairs imperfect with Hispanic Holidays). IMO students can’t actually discuss hispanic holidays that they celebrated in the past because… well… most of them aren’t hispanic. But we also never just use imperfect either. So I decided to focus on working  towards answering the question “how have I changed?” We started last week and I had students do a writing and it was WAY TOO EARLY for me to ask them to output an answer to that question. Then I was home with a stomach bug for a couple days. Thankfully I already had a limited response activity for students to do already printed off and set up for the sub to give them some comprehensible input (and hopefully comprehensible output) . Disclaimer: I’m not saying what I’m doing right now is TPRS or necessarily using TCI techniques, but I am trying to make it comprehensible.

Anyway… moving on. Today I had students draw two pictures. A before/after picture of someone/something. Some of them were really funny! Some went the classic frog to prince, others went princess to monster. There were some good before/after pictures. I decided to take the pictures and the discussions we had “He was a frog, but now is a man” We did some “what would this person say about their change” to get some first person in (since this is my goal for students to discuss their own life changes). I took the pictures and made a BOOKLET! Now we have a reading that we can do tomorrow and maybe an FVR library addition!

THIS has been a great extension to have on my computer. Rather than trying to fumble to make all of my pages symmetrical and nicely lined up I just make regular 8.5×11 pages and save a booklet!

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